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Certified/Public Translations

·Birth, marriage and death certificates

·Authentications and Apostilles


·Court documents


·Notarial certificates



·Academic Record Certificates

·Commercial Documents

·Any other document issued in a foreign country, for it to have legal effect in Uruguay or viceversa 

Medical and Health related translation

We specialize in medical translations.

·Package insert

·Medical histories

·Articles from scientific journals and medical journals

·Medical books or parts thereof


·Description of drug use for end users

·Biotechnology Documents


·Patent applications

Concordance Certificates

When a document is translated into Spanish by a Public/Certified or Sworn translator from another country, it is mandatory for a Certified/Public Translator from Uruguay to revise it in order for it to be valid in Uruguay. The professional will review and compare the translation with the original document and will elaborate a concordance certificate according to the results of the comparison.

Simultaneous Interpreting

Oral translation of a speech that is carried out in real time, that is to say, at the same time and in parallel to such speech. It is carried out in isolated booths, equipped with microphones, headsets and recorders.

It is commonly used in conferences and conventions.

Consecutive Interpreting

Oral translation after the speaker’s total or partial intervention. That is to say, the interpreter will have to listen to the speech, or a fragment of it, and interpret it into the target language.

It is generally used in meetings, work meetings, before the courts and in press conferences, as well as in places that do not have the necessary equipment for simultaneous interpreting.

Liaison interpreting

This is done to facilitate understanding between two parties who speak different languages. In this case, the interpreter translates into both working languages.

It is normally used in meetings, work meetings, medical consultations, among others.

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